Amwins View™ Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Certain applications produce additional windows that pop-up blockers prevent from appearing. Please turn off any pop-up blocking software, or pop-blocking web browser options. While using Amwins View.

In order to ensure that your specific problem is handled efficiently, please use the on-line feedback system available on our website. Depending on the nature of your problem, your request will be forwarded to a representative who can better assist you.

First, please verify that you can access other web sites. Try visiting any other web site that you frequent. If you still are unable to access, you may send an email to using your email software or use the feedback form.

Yes! We use the highest level of encryption required. We also utilize an application level security system that segregates our database environments to ensure that your data is only available to you.

If you are idle on the site, even if you are browsing a linked site in another window for a few minutes, your connection is reset for security purposes.

Our site uses frames. Please set the print option for frames to "As laid out on screen" to print a screen as it appears in your browser. Please note that we provide a "Printer Friendly Format" button to provide report functionality from list boxes.

We use this information to identify you in our systems so that your requests are routed to the representatives that are most familiar with you and your needs. This ensures that you receive the excellent service on Internet-based requests that you have come to expect from Amwins Connect Administrators.

Not all plan Schedule of Benefit Documents are published. If a plan description is in purple text (hyperlink), it will display the Schedule of Benefits.

These documents are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files. Click here to download this program.

Do not use the Print command under the File menu. Instead, use the Print icon on the Adobe Acrobat button bar. The Print icon is the second one to the right of the red Adobe logo.

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