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Announcing new Amwins View Website Password Criteria.

The security and privacy of your personal information is of utmost importance to Amwins Connect Administrators. We take this very seriously and wish to protect your information with the highest level of security against today’s smart identity thieves. One way to do this is to strengthen the complexity of your website password. New passwords must be 8-10 characters and contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one numeric and one special character.

Please provide the user id and email address you provided when setting up your Amwins View. Within a few minutes you will receive an email that will contain a link that will give you access to change your password. This link will be active for 24 hours and can only be used once.

If you do not have an email address on record please call your Amwins Connect Administrators Account Administrator. You may also call our main number at 800-638-6085

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